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About Us

Taughmonagh Community Forum was created to respond to deprivation and other social issues in the Taughmonagh area. The Forum was established twenty years ago with the coming together of a number of community groups and individuals including the 

  • local Taughmonagh Church led by Rev Bill Moore 
  • the Social Club led by Harry Donaldson, 
  • a residents group led by Billy Clarke 
  • a former Councillor and now volunteer, Harry Smith

Situated in the Upper Malone Ward, one of the most affluent wards in Northern Ireland, Taughmonagh was a small pocket of deprivation with high health and social care needs. The mission of the Forum is to “increase access to needs driven solutions, in partnership with others, that generate positive change for existing and future generations of those living and working in the Taughmonagh and Greater Finaghy area. 

Twenty years after its establishment Taughmonagh Community Forum continues to be a needs driven organisation creating opportunities to assist community groups, families and individuals living and working in Taughmonagh and the greater outer South Belfast area.  

Taughmonagh Community Forum has developed its own successful social enterprise project which provides employment for 15 employees in a high quality child care facility known as Scribbles.  The Forum is committed to seeking accessible solutions to meet their social, economic, environmental and cultural needs. Currently the Forum is enhancing community infrastructure with the support of SIF funding to create and sustain our new building and social enterprise projects to promote leisure, health, and support community capacity, education, children’s services and training services for individuals and groups living and volunteering in the Taughmonagh and Greater Finaghy area. 


Current Forum Board Members 2018/2019

  • Chairperson   Norman Earle
  • Secretary        Colin Reid
  • Treasurer       Christina Hanna 
  •  Vice Chair    Harry Smith
  • Jolene Gibson
  • Jackie McDonald (Adviser)
  • Raymond Stewart (Adviser) 
  • Janet Douds (Adviser)
  • Rev Robert Love (Adviser)  

Current Forum Staff Members 2019/2020

  • Manager                        Colin Reid
  • Finance Officer              Ruth Uprichard 
  • Scribbles Manager         Helen Bunny
  • Deputy Manager           
  • After Schools Leader   
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